Alejandro’s Book Corner

Alejandro's Book Corner

This is a new feature here at NightlyReading where Alejandro will give suggestions of books that he has found. This will include different genres featured each week. I hope you enjoy, please let him know your thoughts by posting a comment or visiting his Goodreads page:


This week we continue the cycle of Detective novels, comenting about Police on Scandinavian countries, this includes Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. In these countries, detectives and crime novels are quite popular and the authors on it are several. Already, some time ago I made a post about Swedish authors, trying to cover as many genres as possible. This time I expand to all Scandinavian countries but focusing on book series where the characters are police officers in one of those Scandinavian countries. As always I tried to balance the post, giving examples of each of the countries, in some cases there are three or two options, and others at least giving one of them, also choosing male and female main characters, trying to show the most varied possible on the subject.

“Grens & Sundkvist”

Anders Roslund and Borge Hellston are a duet of writers very particular from Sweden, since Anders Roslund was an investigative reporter for 15 years leading two different news services, while Borge Hellstrom is an ex-convict that when he went out from prison he formed an organization to prevent crime, and he has been a spokesperson for improving the correctional system in Swedish prisons.

Both began their work as writers together in 2004 featuring their character Inspector “Ewert Grens” and they also developed the minor character “Sven Sundkvist” which is a partner in the police that assists him finding vital information.

They are part of the Police Department on Stockholm, Sweden.

They have already published 7 books where 4 of them have been translated into English and other languages.

“Anders Knutas”

Mari Jungstedt is a contemporary writer of Sweden that has been launched to fame with her book series focused on the island of Gotland where the main character is Detective Superintendent, “Anders Knutas”, which has also she has developed another character who is a journalist “Johan Berg “.

Mari Jungstedt began her career in 2003, and she has published 11 novels, where 7 of them have been translated into English and other languages.

“Inspector Ann Lindell”

Kjell Eriksson is a Swedish writer, who in 1999 began his book series creating the character of Ann Lindell which she is an Inspector of the Police Department in the city of Uppsala, Sweden, which is the fourth largest city in the country.

Were published between 1999 and 2009, the amount of 10 novels, of which 5 of them have already been translated into English and other languages.

“Harry Hole”

Jo Nesbo is one of the best known writers of Norway, born in Oslo, obtained a Degree in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics. He is also a musician, being the lead singer and songwriter of the local rock band called “Di Derre”.

In 1997 he created his character Harry Hole who is a rough and “loose cannon” guy who started as a Detective in the “Crime Squad” of the Police Department in Oslo, and then he was promoted to ”Kripos” that is the National Criminal Investigation Service , a special agency of the Norwegian Police.

Between 1997 and 2013, has published 10 novels, all of which have been translated into English and other languages.

“Inspector Sejer”

Karin Fossum is known as the “Norwegian Queen of Crime” where when she was only 20 years old, in 1974, she managed to publish her first book.

In 1995, she began her series centered on Inspector Konrad Sejer from the Oslo Police Department, where it has been given some relevance too to the character of Inspector Jakob Skarre.

Between 1995 and 2013, have been published 11 novels, and 10 of which it has been translated into 16 different languages ​​including English.

“Inspector Vaara”

James Thompson, born in Kentucky, USA, studied at the University of Helsinki in Finland where he obtained a Masters degree in Philology, he is also fluent in the Finnish language, and has studied 6 other languages. Currently he is living in Lahti, Finland.

Its main character is Kari Vaara which begins as Chief of Police in the small town of Kittila, in the region of Lapland, Finland. Then for the second book, he is transferred to Helsinki where he is a Homicide Inspector in the Police Department of that city. Interestingly, the character gegins as a good cop, and then he got corrupted, and then try to redeem himself during the series.

From 2009 to date (2014) have been published and 4 novels in the series and has already announced the fifth book by the end of this year (2014).

“Maria Kallio”

Leena Lehtolainen born in Vesanto, in the region of Northern Savonia, Finland. When she was only 12-years-old managed to publish her first book.

In 1993, she began her series using the character of Maria Kristiina Kallio, where it is detailed the progress in her career in the Police Department in the city of Espoo, which is the second largest city in Finland.

Between 1993 and 2013, have been published 10 novels, including 3 of which have already been translated into English, and more have been translated into 10 different languages.

“Department Q”

Jussi Adler-Olsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied at the university several fields: Medicine, Politics, Sociology and Film. He has served as entrepreneur, screenwriter, playwright, book editor, publisher and obviously, writer. In 1984 his debut in the field of literature was with a nonfiction book, and in 1997 started as a novelist of fiction.

In 2007 began his series of novels entitled “Department Q” with the character “Carl Morck,” which is promoted to Homicide Detective in the “Department Q” which is a special section of long time unsolved cases (Cold Cases) where he will have an assistant, Assad. This is developed in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Between 2007 and 2012 has been published five novels, all of which have entered the list of Best-sellers in Denmark, and from them, 4 have been translated into English, and it is expected that the fifth to be published in English for September this year (2014).

“Sergeant Gunnhildur”

Quentin Bates was born in Southern England in 1962, and then when he was 17 years old, in 1979, he was asked to take a gap year in Iceland, which became a “gap decade” where he served as a factory hand, a netmaker, trawlerman, and in the midst of all that, he married and had a family. Returning to England was a fisherman, truck driver, teacher and freelance journalist of nautical topics, after that he has been for 15 years a full-time reporter for a obscure nautical magazine. Each year he visits once or twice Iceland, either alone or with his wife and so he can keep to know what is happening there.

His series of books “Sergeant Gunnhildur” began as an assignment for a free writing course in a university, taking an afternoon off work per week. Its central character is Gunnhildur (Gunna) Gísladóttir, a police sergeant in the village of Hvalvik, Iceland.

Between 2010 and 2014, has published four novels and a short story, which have already been translated into 4 different languages

See you next week!


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