Review: From a Man’s Point of View by Eric Edwards

From a Man’s Point of View
Eric Edwards
Tate Publishing & Enterprises December 31, 2013
Pages 170
ISBN13: 9781628548617
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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It seems that for decades, women in talk shows, books, and movies have been notorious men bashers. Real men are tired of hearing women say that there are no good men out there and that “men are dogs.” Now it’s the man’s turn! From a Man’s Point of View is about one popular man’s view of love and relationships, as well as the games men and women play during the dating process, starting from his first love, first heartbreak, and all the other interactions that occur up to the present. Women are so quick to blame men for the bad choices in men that they make, but is it the man’s fault for getting away with the lying and manipulating of women, or is the women who are at fault for putting up with it? Most women would answer that wrong! It’s time to hear what men have to say about how they have to deal with women in relationships and what men expect from women. It’s finally time to hear from a man’s point of view!

My Thoughts
I was intrigued with this book from the start. I always enjoy hearing men’s views on women, relationships and love. I find their honesty enlightening and often surprising, most of all I take it to heart.

Edwards is open and honest in his beliefs and his experience with various women he has dated. He abides by the golden rule but finds himself, on more than one occasion, being the better person. What he says in his book is very true and ladies I encourage you to read his words and lean towards his point of view. He’s had a few disheartened experiences but keeps on and learns from OTHERS mistakes. He doesn’t ‘bash’ women at all but rather forces the opposite sex to take a long hard look at what they are looking for and if their actions speak louder than words. Edwards is extremely mature and comes across as forthright and every bit a good guy by the textbook definition.

In my opinion dating is much more difficult than it needs to be why? The games some people play, the lack of respect and the utter absence of communication. Yes, the sexes have differences which is the reason we need to be as open and truthful as possible in both understanding and interacting with each other.

Edwards book is heartbreaking, funny, brutally honest and extremely sincere. The bottom line, be honest, communicate, trust and stop with the game playing. Timing is everything along with maturity, be honest, zero game playing can be applied at any age. Treat others with respect and kindness and remember – Don’t take a failed relationship of rejection personally, it doesn’t mean you are less of a person, you’re just not the right fit but will be exactly what another is seeking.

There are many good men and good women out there, you just need to see what’s in front of you and decide for yourself. Edwards cites so many various scenarios you can’t help by gaining knowledge, and he does this without finger pointing but with the bareness of truth.

Ladies read this book, Edwards makes sense. It’s not a he/she issue, it’s a matter of integrity, a mighty large dose BOTH sexes can always use and use wisely. Excellent read and as a woman with a lot of dating experience, Edwards is correct in his and his brothers point of view. Smarten up and give this educational book a good read, certainly can’t hurt but my oh my…it can certainly help many!!




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