Quarantine: The Burnouts by Lex Thomas Review

quarantineQuarantine: The Burnouts (Quarantine #3) by Lex Thomas

To Be Published by Egmont USA on July 22, 2014

Source: ARC from publisher in exchange of an honest review.

272 pages

Lord of the Flies in a 21st-century high school setting.Welcome to Quarantine 3: The Burnouts , where readers of The Maze Runner, Gone, and Divergent go when they’re hungry for more dark, compelling survival stories.

When an explosion rocks David and Will’s suburban high school one morning, a deadly virus is unleashed on the school. After a year of quarantine, with no adults around, the students have created their own society. All of the social cliques have developed into gangs-The Nerds, The Geeks, The Freaks, The Sluts, The Skaters, The Burnouts, The Pretty Ones, and The Varsity-and each gang provides a service with which they can barter for provisions. Without a gang, it’s almost impossible to secure food, water, territory, or supplies. In the final installment in the Quarantine trilogy, the brothers are reunited on the Outside and it appears as if, for once everything is going right. But inside the school, Lucy is alone with no gang and no hope, until the Burnouts welcome her into their filthy arms.

My Thoughts

I LOVED the first 2 books in this series but they do not even compare to the third and final book! The Burnouts was explosive and a great ending to a horrific, yet intriguing apocalypse story.

David and Will are reunited at the beginning of this final chapter, which picks up right where the last book left us off. Will is thinking of Lucy and feeling guilty for leaving her behind but cannot bring himself to tell David about their relationship. He can’t hurt his brother’s feelings. Lucy is left with no group to belong to, she has been cast out by everyone around her and a surprise, makes her more week than she was to begin with.

There is so much action in this book that you have to pay attention closely to every page for fear that you may miss something. The reunion of Will and David had me a smidge teary-eyed. I loved David in the first book and adored Will in the second. I really cannot tell you which character I love more? I was really feeling emotional over Lucy.I was saddened by what happens to her in this book and to how low she actually stoops to not feel anything.

I can tell you that not everyone will survive and you will literally be blown away by some of the action of the characters. the writer was sure to show us just how low life in the school had become. If you enjoyed the first 2 books, YOU HAVE TO PICK THIS ONE UP!!!



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