Review: The Bridge from Me to You by Lisa Schroeder


The Bridge from Me to You

Lisa Schroeder

Published July 29th 2014 by Point

336 Pages

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Lauren has a secret. Colby has a problem. But when they find each other, everything falls into place.

Lauren is the new girl in town with a dark secret. Colby is the football hero with a dream of something more. In alternating chapters, they come together, fall apart, and build something stronger than either of them thought possible–something to truly believe in.

My Thoughts:

This book was absolutely adorable! I loved it so much!

Going into this book I expected a sweet, fluffy contemporary perfect for summer. And while it is a sweet contemporary read, it’s so much more than that. The Bridge From Me to You is about family, friendship, and doing what makes you happy. I laughed and I cried and I enjoyed every single second of it.

This story is about Lauren and Colby. Lauren is dealing with rejection and she’s trying to find a place where she belongs, and Colby is the star football player and everybody in the whole town expects him to bring home the State Championship trophy. Both feeling pressure, all they want is to be happy.

I loved these two characters with my whole heart! There were many times I wanted to just hug Lauren. She was so afraid and that absolutely broke my heart because she is this caring person who has just been hurt too many times. Colby was a sweetheart and I adored him. He’s a strong character and, who was just afraid of disappointing his father. Colby was a great friend and his friendship with Benny plays a major role in this book. This friendship was so honest, inspiring, and beautiful I found self wiping away a couple tears from time to time. It has been such a long time since I’ve seen such a friendship like Colby and Benny’s.

What I loved most was the writing. I liked that The Bridge from Me to You was written in dual perspectives. I liked that the chapters were short and that Lauren’s point of view was written in verse. I also loved the romance, it was realistic and slow. It felt good to read a book where the main characters weren’t already saying I love you in chapter five. Schroeder’s writing style was fast paced and lyrical, which was perfect for this book.

I recommend this book for fans of Friday Night Lights, and also fans of Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series!

Favorite Quote

I don’t want to choose. Because the thing about choices? You get something while you lose something else. And if you choose wrong, you risk losing everything.

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