BOOK TOUR: Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Meyers

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Accidents of Marriage
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Atria Books (September 2, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review


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Accidents of Marriage examines the effect of a husband—and father’s—verbal rage and the aftermath of a serious accident caused by his unchecked anger.

For Madeline Illica, her husband Ben is her greatest blessing and biggest curse. Brilliant and caring, he turns into a raging bull when crossed—and despite her training as a social worker Maddy was never sure what would cross him. She kept a fragile peace by vacillating between tiptoeing around him and asserting herself for the sake of their three children until a rainy drive to work when Ben’s temper gets the best of him and the consequences leave Maddy in the hospital, fighting for her life.
The novel explores emotional abuse, traumatic injury, and children lost in the shuffle of recovery. Accidents of Marriage is an account of life inside a troubled marriage and how the unexpected gift of clarity can make the difference between living in hell and salvation.

Accidents of Marriage explores a topic rarely shown in fiction: the destruction left in the wake of spouse’s verbal fury. Ben never meant to hurt Maddy. He never imagined his recklessness would lead to tragedy.

The psychological impact Meyers brings to the surface in this book is affecting and provoking. A realistic heartbreaking portrait is drawn as the reader observes a family at risk, taking a swift plunge into the unimaginable and ALL are floundering, damaged in the aftermath of what should NOT have been.

Well developed characterization along with the thoughts and psychological aspects are explored and showcased masterfully.

Allowing the family to be exposed and to have their thoughts and voice heard is the heart of the narrative. Each individual is a hostage, victim, survivor of the abusive behavior of the parent. Ben – when all was said and done, I’m uncertain of my feelings towards him. I’m sensing he has failed to grasp the seriousness of HIS issue. I never felt his true desire to correct all his wrongs, the ending validated my thoughts of him. His reaction after the accident was weak, the man should be seeking help, help for himself and for his family.

Maddy – I wish she took a tougher stance with Ben from the moment the writing was on the wall. She just seemed too overwhelmed and too sensitive towards Ben, she made excuses and chose denial as her method of coping. Her actions cause you to ask yourself what would you do if you were Maddy? This is a question easily answered when you’re NOT in Maddy’s exact position. I have a long trail of working with abused women, and the narrative was eerily familiar. No doubt this is a mirror reflecting many stories retold repeatedly.

A compelling, harsh, and provoking story bringing a sensitive and avoided issue to the forefront in a chillingly realistic manner. I applaud Meyers for her moxie and bold authorship on this topic as its momentum of destruction causes devastation and damage to those in its path.




About Randy Susan MeyersRandy Susan Meyers
The drama of Randy Susan Meyers’ novels is informed by her work with families impacted by emotional and family violence.Her newest novel, Accidents of Marriage, examines the slippery definitions of emotional abuse and explores tragic circumstances forcing a family to challenge the dynamics that have long-defined them.

Randy is a founding member of Beyond The Margins, a site dedicated to the craft of writing and the business of publishing, and coauthored the guide, What To Do Before Your Book Launch, with writer M.J. Rose. She lives in Boston with her husband, where she teaches at Grub Street Writer’s Center.

Find out more about Randy at her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.




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2 thoughts on “BOOK TOUR: Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Meyers

  1. “chillingly realistic” … that description actually sent a shiver down my spine. Scary how things like this can really happen to people, to families.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour! I’m featuring your review on TLC’s Facebook page today.


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