BOOK TOUR: The Imaginary Life by Mara Torres

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Publisher: Grupo Planeta (August 5, 2014)
Ebook 169 pages
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

What goes through your head when the person you love leaves you? What do you do with your life when you have to start it all over again? Do you make it up? Nata’s world fills with unanswered questions when Beto leaves her. But time doesn’t stop, and the stories that Nata begins to tell herself about her own life lead her to a place where everything becomes possible again.

9781480444546-194x300Torres deliverers a novella filled with a character dealing with a break up on her own terms. Nata renegotiates life after her boyfriend terminates their suffering relationship. Devastated Nata imagines her way through her pain which is quite humorous and heartbreaking. It is a memorable journey as we suffer the ups and down of a breakup. Nata comes a long way as she regains her footing as an ex, a single girl, dating again, and finds herself interested in a potential boyfriend. Getting through the heartbreak was affecting and sobering. No doubt readers will find bits of themselves peppered throughout the narrative, easily relating to Nata or her struggle.

A different spin on a breakup and coping with the end of a relationship. I enjoyed Torres and her offbeat approach. Managing to combine humor, the torture and the reality of finding yourself as a single rather than a couple was well done. Torres adds bits of magical realism, fantasy and good old imagination to ease a young woman’s pain.

Nata was charming and creative, watching her reemerge was a joy. I was entertained and impressed with Torres. Clever and bold, looking forward to her next effort.


MaraTorres-300x225About Mara Torres
Mara Torres is a reporter and author. She earned a degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Torres began her professional career in radio in the 1990s; a decade later, Hablar por hablar became a leading show on evening radio. In 2006 Torres moved to Spanish Television Information Services, where she is a host of news and entertainment shows. Among other awards, Torres has won the Golden Antenna and the Silver Microphone. She has published two nonfiction books. The Imaginary Life is her first novel and her first book in English.

Thrilled participating in the tour for Mara Torres’ The Imaginary Life, be sure to check out the entire tour schedule here, it runs through 6 October. Thank you TLC



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