Where I have been?

Helllooooooo Everyone!!! I know that I have been really gone for a while now and I would like to send out my sincerest apologies! Geez, I do not even know where I should begin on an explanation??? Well, first off, we had MAJOR computer issues!!! Like…the computer died…LITERALLY! We did not have the cash flow for the bills and the computer, so guess what came in second…yup… THE COMPUTER!  I know! The horror! I wish that I had a money tree in the back yard!!! Secondly, my husband and I had been going through a whole mess of issues. We have things at a comfortable silence at the moment. Who knows what the future will bring in that department but at least we can say that we put our best foot forward. Thirdly, I was planning on having this post all typed up and put out there earlier this week and guess what happened???? I came down with the flu! YUPPERS! Influenza A baby! Yay me! If you have never had the flu before, consider yourself lucky:) Because, I seriously thought I was dying and was set to start planning my funeral. And for those of you medical people, I will answer before you even say it…..YES< I DID HAVE A FLU SHOT! Because, I am one of those medical people too:) So, as you can see, I have changed the blog around a bit and wanted to really just get back to basics. We will be saying goodbye to Mal at the end of the month and I wanted to take the time to thank her for keeping us a float for the past 6 months!!!


We will also be seeing a new reviewer this year, Tina, along with Sam and Kele. I just wanted to take the time to wish all of you a Happy New Year! And as always……Thanks for following:)

H. Lee

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