Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Tropes I’m Tired Of!

top ten

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is the top ten tropes I’m tired of and want to stop reading!

1. Damsels in distress
This is definitely the trope I hate the most! I’m so sick and tired of reading books where the main character has to wait for a man to save her, like come on girl save your own damn self! I honestly don’t understand why this trope is so popular; what is so appealing about a girl being useless? I love books where the woman is kick ass, strong, and determined!

2. Insta-love
I lied, I hate this trope the most! I’m sorry but I think it is extremely lazy to have your characters fall in love instantly. Relationships should be developed and relatable. Characters shouldn’t meet in chapter 1 and be saying I love you & thinking about marriage by chapter 3. it’s lazy and I hate it.

3. The special snowflake that has to save the world aka The Chosen One
I hate reading books when the character is whining and complaining about all the pressure that comes with being The Chosen One. Why does the fate of the world have to rest one this single persons shoulders? Why you got to fix the government that was ruined by a war? Why do you have to do everything alone?

4. Love triangles
I have read so many love triangles that at this point in time it’s sickening! I also hate them because I always fall for the guy the girl eventually doesn’t pick, so I become very frustrated. There are many other ways to create tension or break up a couple without inserting a love triangle!

5. Sweet innocent good girl falls for the damaged player bad boy
This is a trope that is prominent in like every single New Adult book, and I’m starting to hate it. The good girl always falls for the bad boy because he is everything she shouldn’t want, and the bad boy changes his ways for the girl because he looooves her, and she’s the only one who took the time to understand him and never gave up on him like his parents did. I’m telling you if it’s a new adult book this is most likely the plot.

6. Non existent parents or family
In just about all books, mainly Young Adult the parents are non existent. You could read an entire YA book and the parents will never appear, only mentioned in passing. I crave books that showcase strong families of all types. I want them to be present and part of the plot, not just a two dimensional character that is only used for transitional purposes.

7. The pretty girl who thinks she’s ugly, but everybody in the whole thinks she’s gorgeous

8. “I let out a breathe I didn’t even know I was holding” or “Then he walked in”
You will find these two quotes in any YA book

9. Guys and girls can’t be friends
I hate how a girl can never have a male friend that doesn’t eventually lead to a romantic relationship. Girls and boys and be friends without having romantic feelings for each other!

10. Female protagonists
I’m tired of reading books that only have female protagonists. There should be more books with male protagonist, not every story needs to be told through the mind of a female.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What books tropes are you tired of reading about?

Talk to me!

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