2016 · June

Review: In The After by Elisa Dane

In the AfterIn the After by Elisa Dane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book made me take a really good look at how I treat people on a daily basis and have a chat with my children on bullying.

The main premise of this book is all about the popular kids at a prep school and the horrible, awful ways that they treat the ones that are not exactly with the “in” crowd. The main character knows that it is wrong but cannot help following along because if she sticks up for them, then she will become the bullied.

I really enjoyed the character of Sadie. She had to really look within herself and try to do the right thing. Of course, I fell in love with Hayden right from the start. He may not have always thought things through first but his heart was in the right place even if it always got him into trouble.

I actually cried for Ian and was able to feel his torment. Also, the moment that he was broken.

This book became my worst nightmare as a parent and I really struggled to read through the last few chapters. The ending literally gave us a bang and the detail that was given left me breathless. I would love to see a sequel and see how the characters as well as the school pulled themselves out of the darkness.

Although, I was able to see where this book was headed, I really enjoyed it because it made me feel! Even though it was shock, sadness and pity, I will keep an eye on this author!

Thanks to YA Bound Book Tours for the review copy!!

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