Book Discussion: Why I enjoy NA over Adult


Hi everyone! I am here with another book discussion that I have been pondering over. We know that there is always the discussions over why adults read YA and that is a whole discussion for another time, but, how do we feel about NA?

If you are unfamiliar with what NA means, NA stands for New Adult which is a new genre that came about a couple of years ago where the characters are a bit older than your typical YA genre characters. They tend to be in their late teens/early 20’s and are typically college age. Most times, NA seems to be romance books but I believe that there are other subgenre’s out there such as Dystopian and Fantasy.

NA took the book world by storm and it does not seem to be slowing down any time soon and I have got to say that I, personally, love NA! I know that the age of the characters are over 18, which really means that they are adults but this is a bit different from an adult novel.When I think of adult characters, I think of the struggling Mom of a few kids, or the newly divorced Mom looking for love. Honestly, this is the life that I live everyday. Why would I want to read about books that remind me of my own adult life??

I enjoy NA because most of the time, the character’s are in college and I missed out on that! I never went to college. Well, I did but I didn’t go away to school and I feel like I missed out on a huge rite of passage! I encourage my Senior daughter to go away to school everyday! Also, sometimes, the books start out right after high school graduation where you are still undecided and everything is exciting and new. All you have known has been school your whole life and now you are a brand new member of the real world!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed a few Adult titles. (Fifty Shades) But I honestly have not read too many. Anytime I read the blurbs on the back, they do not interest me and I end up just placing them back on the shelf. Also, their covers, at least in my opinion, are not as exciting as NA.

Do you read a lot of NA? Have you heard of this or are you just hearing this for the first time here? Do you read a lot of Adult titles? What are your thoughts?

XOXO, Heather




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