Book Discussion: Do you take on the feels after reading a book?

Hi everyone!!!

This subject has been on my mind for a while now and I just had to ask all of you to see what your thoughts are….

I have found that when I am reading a book, I always take on the feelings that the main character has in the book. For example…while on vacation I was reading Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris (read my review HERE) which is basically about spousal abuse, I found myself shying away from my husband and being fearful of him which I absolutely have no reason to!!! On the other hand when I read something fantasy with a kick ass female heroine like Throne of Glass by Sara J Maas (see my review HERE), I find myself being ready to take on the world like Celaena Sardothien! I am able to kick anyone’s ass that gets in my way!!! OR for another example…I also found myself being really snarky and quick-witted while reading Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series just like Katy! (see all my reviews for JLA HERE) Why does this happen??

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Here is my theory…

When I read a book, I personally take on the role of the main character. Now I am not sure if everyone does this but this is something that I have always done. I completely immerse myself into that character’s world and tend to take on all of their feelings. I have been shocked, surprised, brought to tears and laughed out loud many of times. Sometimes I even talk to the characters as if I am right there! There was one series in particular that I cried when the series was over:-( I literally lived in their world every time that I read another book and wanted them to last forever. That series was told by many POV’s but I felt like I was there with them and included in all of their shenanigans! The series that I speak of is The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine…best vampire series ever!! If you have not read them…you really should! Be forewarned though…the series is vast!(read all my reviews HERE)

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So I ask you…Do you feel the same? Do you get so caught up in the book that you take the feels with you into real life? Is this normal or do I have some super power?? Let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Do you take on the feels after reading a book?

  1. I totally did this with the Hunger Games series. I was in this total dark, depressive state for the couple of weeks it took me to get through them, but of course, I could NOT put them down!


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