2016 · November

Discussion: Help! I am drowning in a huge TBR pile!

I am dying to know how others handle their TBR pile!

As a blogger, I receive tons of review requests! I do not accept all of them but I do accept some. AND then we have the blog tours that we get invited to and of course…they are so much fun that we just HAVE to accept those invites. But then…as if those were not enough…we have those beautiful ARC’s that are offered to us from the publishing companies and heaven forbid if you are a Netgalley or edelweiss user…then you have even more to worry about because you end up with 1200 ebooks on your kindle and are so overwhelmed and do not know where to start or even what to do next!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you see my current problem?


As a huge book nerd (which I believe all of you to be also, otherwise you would not be here) I just have a very hard time saying NO!!! Especially to a book with a pretty cover! I like to see them on my shelves and hold them and maybe even pet them. (don’t judge)


I feel like I have so many books that I am very choosy when picking which ones that I will read. And don’t even get me started on the ones that I actually purchase….those never seem to get read:-(

These last two months of the year, I am going through my kindle and trying to read as many Netgalley/edelweiss books that I possibly can. I am embarrassed to say that my Netgalley reviewed percentage is only at 13%!! (this is very bad since it is supposed to be 80% people!)


So, I am here to ask all of you…how do you keep track of your TBR pile? I feel like anything that I have not read by the end of this year needs to be gone through and be tossed out to get ready for 2017 and a whole slew of new books??




3 thoughts on “Discussion: Help! I am drowning in a huge TBR pile!

  1. Oh, you should start listing all those book reviews that have deadlines. In a separate sheet of paper or another word windows, create another table with all the book review request you’ve got and put deadlines on them , if the don’t have any.

    It’s also good to make an alarm w/ notes on it everyday so you’ll know that you need to read them.

    Once you already read most of it. Try to accept only few review requests or to request a book on netgalley. šŸ˜€

    I hope it helps! šŸ™‚

    Maybe, I should discuss next week how I manage my reading time, etc.


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