The Winter Wonderland Tag

I found this tag over at Kayla @kdrekthebookworm, go check her out! She has an awesome blog and very insightful reviews:)

I am not a big fan of winter but thought this would be the perfect post since here in PA, we have begun to see the winter like conditions outside and it has gotten very cold, very quick!

 Do you like the cold?

NO! I hate the cold! I love the summer so much more!

Favorite part about winter?

Hot chocolate, snow days and fuzzy slippers

Does it snow where you live?

I live in Northeast Pennsylvania so yes, we do get snow. Some years, we get next to nothing but other years…it can blizzard!

Favorite clothing item in winter?

Big comfy sweaters or turtle necks!

Your favorite winter memory?

Sledding with my husband in our younger years!

Favorite hot drink?

Hot chocolate

Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?

Anything with a good romance!

Best winter movie to watch?

I love watching old 80’s movies like The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles or License to Drive!

Do you do any winter sports? (e.g. Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating)

Not in a long time but I use to love to ice skate

Favorite Christmas/holiday/New Years’ tradition?

I love Christmas eve! Our family all meets up at my Grandmother’s house and it is our tradition. We have been doing this since I was a kid.



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