Review: Poise by Janelle Stalder

Poise (The Balance Series Book 2)Poise by Janelle Stalder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Of course I loved this book…like I would expect anything less from Janelle??

Gah! I do not even know what to say because I do not want to give ANYTHING away! Ms. Stalder did a fantastic job of not giving out ANY info with her blurb for this book so you…the reader…have zero idea of what you are walking into and can I tell you that it is a big doozy!!!!

I can tell you that I loved this book as much as the first. I fell in love with a certain character all over again. Was very annoyed with another, and my heart broke for a third. The story continues with action, drama and heart ache. All of the special things that we adore Janelle for giving us.

The ending gave me a huge slap upside the head…(another reason why we keep going back to the author’s writing) that I am once again left waiting on the next installment. Damn you authors for being so brilliant! Joking!!! Or am I? Love you Janelle!

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