Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Burning Down The House

Rob Williams John Romita Jr.

Paperback, 160 pages

Published September 12th 2017 by DC Comics

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review


Amanda Waller is used to getting what she wants—but this time, what Waller wants is something only Lex Luthor has. Striking a deal won’t be easy—or cheap! It’s a war on two fronts as Waller leads a smoldering charm offensive in Luthor’s penthouse while her Suicide Squad tries to open the most heavily guarded safe in all of LexCorp.

In SUICIDE SQUAD VOL. 3, writer Rob Williams is joined by superstar, and new series artist, Tony S. Daniel (BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE)! Collects SUICIDE SQUAD #16-20.

My Thoughts:

This is by far the best volume in the run. One of the things I didn’t enjoy about volume two was that the squad was separated, and when not together the characters don’t shine as much.

But let me tell you, they shined in this volume!

Also, this volume wasn’t short, it was a fully fleshed out story arc and thank the heavens for that.

I like that the squad feels more like a team now, not just a group of people forced to be together. The fact that they all came together with no force involved? Hell yes!

The storyline was great and interesting, definitely, has me excited to see what happens next!

Side notes:

An Enchantress transformation that didn’t have June screaming and begging, oh my heart.

Waylon & June are my OTP!

Honestly, I’m not surprised by what happened to Hack, but boy am I pissed!

Also, Amanda was a beast in this volume but she was drawn poorly throughout this entire volume. In the last issue, she looked great though. Amanda “The Wall” Waller is my favorite.

Waiting for Harcourt to die

Pissed Flag and Katana aren’t getting together. I wanted this ship so bad.

Also, waiting for Williams to do more with Katana.

Floyd Lawton is pretty great.

Digger Harkness? I was rooting for you, AND YOU BETRAYED ME!


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