Red Hood and the Outlaws, Vol. 1: Dark Trinity

Scott Lobdell & Dexter Soy

Paperback, First, 168 pages

Published May 2nd 2017 by DC Comics

My Rating: 5/5


A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

Jason Todd, a.k.a. Redd Hood, has been many things–a Robin, dead, the Red Hood–now he’s back and he’s embracing his bad side!

With his new status as a villain, Red Hood plans to take down Gotham’s underworld from the inside. Joined by a fallen Amazon named Artemis and a half-baked Superman clone named Bizarro, this dark trinity will soon discover that the line between hero and villain is harder to discern than they might think.

Collecting: Red Hood & the Outlaws 1-6

My Thoughts:

This trade was so good! Honestly, my love for Jason Todd is immense like all he has to do is breathe and I’m like


I loved this trade because it showcased that there is so much more to Jason than just being the odd man out, the unwanted robin, or as Damian put it “the easy to kill robin” (Damian is my baby and he is my second favorite robin, Jason is my first obvs.) One reason why I enjoy Jason’s character so much is that he’s the least like Batman. He can go and do things that Batman can’t or won’t.

I thought the storyline was on point. It was interesting and did a great job at setting up the dynamic between the outlaws and forming bonds. Also, so love that Jason & Batman’s relationship was brought up and we all the feelings and stuff. Would love to see Jason’s relationship with Batman and the rest of the fam improve, but that he stays the same I don’t want him to change.

Also, Artemis & Jason


Side notes:

Um, I’m going to need Batman to back the hell off and trust Jason. So, he killed a Nazi. And killed some drug dealers, who were selling drugs to children, might I add. And he blew up a city. It’s time to move on Bruce, like damn.  

Not Batman

Not Wonder Woman

Not Superman

The dark trinity – Honestly I DIE.

The relationship between Artemis and Jason is fantastic, all the banter and fighting is hilarious!

Jason and Bizarro? Yes GAWD!

Bizarro is my baby, I already know. I have to protect him.

Pup Pup – *cries*

Red him & Red Her

Jason bonding with Bizarro, had me crying. I just can’t. Jason going out of his way to show that Bizarro doesn’t have to be like Superman. And the parallels between them? This trade will be the death of me.





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