Ascendancy by Karri Thompson

Ascendancy (The Van Winkle Project, #2)Ascendancy by Karri Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow Oh Wow!!!

I thought that nothing could top the first book in this series and then I read this one!

Cass & Michael are still on the run trying to avoid being captured by The Van Winkle Project coordinators and the government. I love them together and really enjoy the love that they feel for Victoria! All while reading, I try to imagine a world like this one and I have such a hard time with all that they have to go through especially Cassie. I can’t imagine having to be forced to bear children over and over again with them being taken and having the same fate. It really is a scary thought.

I love the fact that the author is not afraid to push the boundary with her writing. The things that happen in this series are absolutely shocking! I know some readers have had a hard time with reading but I really love this series. Every time you think things are going to be okay, you are thrown another twist. This book was an absolute roller coaster and I can only imagine what the next installment will bring. Thank goodness I have it on hand because if not…I am not sure I would be able to sleep at night until I did!

“Something big is going to happen, and after it does, you won’t need to hide anymore.”


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