Game Of Secrets by Kim Foster

Game of SecretsGame of Secrets by Kim Foster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Published July 3rd 2018 by Sky Pony Press (first published May 15th 2018)


Felicity Cole sells flowers in the streets of Victorian London to feed herself and her young brother. But she has a close-guarded secret–her brother is a Tainted, born with special abilities that society fears and a shadowy organization called the Hunstsman scours the country to eliminate. When Felicity becomes the target of one of these individuals, she discovers something horrible: she’s Tainted, too.

Rescued by a mysterious gentleman on the eve of execution, she’s whisked away to a school funded by Queen Victoria, established to train selected Tainted into assassins in service of the crown.

Struggling to harness her incredible strength, speed, and agility, and despised by her classmates, all she wants is to use her new position to find a cure so she can be normal and reunited with her brother.

But with the Golden Jubilee fast approaching and the discovery that there’s a traitor in their midst, she has no choice but to embrace the one thing she’s been fighting all along.

My Review

I have a lot of feels going on inside of me over this book. My emotions are running wild and I am not exactly sure if I loved this book or just thought it was okay?? Hence the 4 star rating, I figured somewhere in between was good:)

Felicity (love the name BTW) lives in a world where some folks have special abilities and they are called “tainted”. You do not want to be tainted because it is very much frowned upon and most of the time you are given a good hanging in towns square just for being different. In a horrible turn of events, Felicity finds out that she is a tainted and gets taken to a special school for tainted where they teach you how to become a spy/assassin. Sounds pretty cool right?

The premise of the book sounds awesome! And the plot was super awesome but I could not handle our little female heroin, Felicity. She kept putting herself in harms way and getting into trouble without a thought or care about anyone else involved. To me, she seemed very selfish. Honestly, there were quite a few times while reading that I literally rolled my eyes and thought to myself, here we go again. *double eye roll*

I really liked Kit for the short period of time that we knew him. He seemed like he had it all figured out and knew exactly whom he was and didn’t back down for what he believed in. Not quite sure about Julian. He seems sweet enough but I felt that we really couldn’t get a read on him since there was so much else going on and Felicity was always out on a rampage somewhere needing to be saved. And no, there is not a love triangle. Just two boys that happened to touch Felicity’s heart.

The shocker of an ending I DID NOT SEE COMING!! That was a complete surprise and it actually made my heart skip a beat! That may have been only one of 2 times that I felt for Felicity, the first being in the beginning with Kit and the second being when she learns of Nate.

I am not sure if this is going to be a series. I feel that it could definitely be since the bad guys are still out there and Felicity has a lot more to learn! I only hope that if it is…I get to see her mature over time and that would make me super happy!!!

Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for the review copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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