Salt & Nejma by Nayyirah Waheed


Sometimes, a book comes into your life and it changes your whole entire outlook and your life. For me that book was Salt. I read it for the first time in 2016, at a point In a time when I was struggling, with changing viewpoints, and me just changing as a whole.

I was struggling with the fact that I was not the same person I once was. I’ve since learned that change is a necessary part of life, and it shouldn’t be feared. But anyway, this book was everything I needed to hear, without even knowing I needed to hear it. This book is basically my heart laid bare. It’s hard for me to even explain it any more than that, I connected with this book in a way I’ve never before, and as a result, it changed my life. 




Salt will always have a special place In my heart. As at the time I read it, it felt like every single poem was written just for me.

But Nejma doesn’t come close to Salt, unfortunately. This book had its moments, poems so beautiful and potent it blew my mind. But then those poems would be followed by poems that felt repetitive and where, and just didn’t make an impact at least not to me.


As a whole, I find that both books are beautiful, amazing collections of poetry that I would recommend to everyone. Waheed In her poems touches on a wide variety of issues, so I’m absolutely positive everybody will come across a poem that touches their heart.

Some of my favorites include:

put some honey and sea water by your bed. acknowledge. that your being needs sweetness and cleansing. that it is sore. that you are. soft.
— orishas

grieve. so that you can be free to feel something else.

be easy. take your time. you are coming home. to yourself.
— the becoming | wing

flower work is not easy. remaining soft in fire takes time.

she asked ‘you are in love what does love look like’ to which I replied ‘like everything I’ve ever lost come back to me.’

if I write what you may feel but cannot say. it does not make me a poet. it makes me a bridge. and I am humbled and I am grateful to assist your heart in speaking.
– grateful

Also, Nejma & Salt will be free to download through Kindle until July 28, 2018. I hope you guys decide to pick it up!

5 stars


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