Heaven In Hell: Episode Six by Dia Cole

Heaven in Hell: Episode Six: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series (The sixth episode in the Heaven in Hell Series)Heaven in Hell: Episode Six: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series by Dia Cole


The battle for survival starts from within…
Furious with Reed and Dominic for their betrayal, Lee attempts a dangerous solo mission to rescue an abducted child. Tensions explode when the men insist on accompanying her deep into zombie territory. Unsure of who she can trust, Lee discovers they aren’t the only ones after the little girl and those hunting her are far more terrifying than the dead.

My Thoughts

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I cannot get enough of this series of novellas!

Dominic is dealing with Lee’s amnesia in his own way. Lee knows that he is not telling her everything but she has bigger things on her plate to think about like saving Rosie! So much happens in this episode!

Dominic is hawt but so frustrating at times! Lee finds out more about herself , the little bits that Dominic is willing to reveal when the time is right. I feel a little bad for Reed, he only wants to earn Lee’s love but he may be finding out that no matter what he does, that will never happen.

Of course Lee tries taking matters into her own hands…again and Dominic is quick to the rescue. The crew is left in another bind with a cliffhanger ending.

I say it again that the only flaw about these books is that they are too short! Ms. Cole is a master at her craft leaving her readers wanting more!

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5 stars

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