Campaign Monitor| Ten Email Do’s & Don’ts, Blog Style!

Hey there! Happy Hump Day!

I am here with another discussion post. I would like to first off thank Campaign Monitor for hosting today’s discussion/post.

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that helps you set the tone for your brand by using different strategies for marketing using emails.

You can check out the website, HERE! There is a ton of information on their site including free email templates.

Another great site with a lot of tips/tools for marketing is I found a ton of great information here also.

If you are looking to up your blog and create a newsletter or just need some tips and tricks. Please check out both of the above websites. I decided to discuss the top ten do’s and don’ts when sending emails. All of our blog posts are basically one big email to all of our subscribers, so I thought this was a perfect topic. We could even apply these rules when approaching publishers for ARC copies.

(The following info was taken from


Obviously, some of these may not apply to us…but there are a few tips that I can definitely use for myself:

1. Grow your list and do not buy one. I think all of us agree that the hardest part of blogging is finding great subscribers. You know, the ones that actually will read our content and comment or “like” something. Not the ones that subscribe just to gain an entry into your giveaway. I have never heard of a book blogger buying a subscriber list..but then again..I never thought book blogger’s plagiarized either so yeah…SMH!

3. Pre Header Text. This is something that ALWAYS slips my mind but I need to be more aware of. I love when a heading catches my eye and it makes me actually want to open that email and read it.

9. This one is really a no brainer, but be sure to spell check and look over your whole post before it goes live. I learned this the hard way because once that post is live…even if you go back to change something, the original is now sitting in everyone’s inboxes. You cannot change the content they will see.

10. Do you look at your blog stats? I check mine all the time. I love comparing and seeing how my stats add up from one year or even one month to the next.

What are your thoughts? Could you use any of these strategies for yourself?

Let’s talk about it!

Again, thank you to Campaign Monitor for hosting today’s post!

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