My 2019 TBR + Reading Challenges

Hey Guys! Today I will be sharing some of the books I want to read in the new year, and all the challenges I will be participating in. Also, click on the headings to bring you to the Goodreads pages and challenge websites for more information.

My 2019 TBR

The Mercy Thompson Series

God, I talk about this series a lot, but it’s my favorite and I can’t help it! I meant to do I re-read in 2018, but never got around to it. But since the new book was pushed back I now have the time, hopefully. This series also includes a spin-off series that I’ve never read so, I’m so excited to finally finish this up. Also, I’ve had the 10th marked as currently reading since January 2018. Whoops.

The Cainsville Series

I absolutely adored the first two books in this series. The world is so interesting and mysterious, and even though it’s an urban fantasy series, it’s so realistic and relatable. I want to finish this series so badly. Plus, I’ve had the third book marked as currently reading since 2016. So, it’s about time.

Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles

Okay. In 2018 I was like insanely close to giving away all of the books that I had, which was all of them except the most recent trilogy. But then I started following Melanie from Meltotheany (she’s amazing! You’re probably already following her but if not DO IT!) and she made me want to finally finish this series. I read the first part of the series when I was like 14/15 and I rated them all as 5 stars. I’m interested to see what I’ll think of them now.

Deadly Class + Uncanny X-Force

These are on the list because I’ve had them forever. They’re also on this list to remind me to read comics from other distributors instead of just DC. I need to get to Deadly Class ASAP because it’s been adapted and the show premieres in January and it stars the wonder and amazing Lana Condor.

2019 Reading Challenges


Reading Women Challenge

Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

Alright, guys, that’s all I got! What are some books you’re hoping to get to in the new year? Are you participating in any challenges? Let me know & happy reading!

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