My 2019 Reading/Blog Goals

Hi there my lovelies. Since EVERYONE is posting their 2019 reading goals, I decided that I should hop on the band wagon and figure out some goals for myself.

I have never really been one for resolutions. Probably because I have a hard time sticking to anything. But, I am going to try REALLY hard to keep to the following goals: (I may need a lot of encouragement)

  • Read 100 books. This one should be easy. The most that I have read in a year was 200 and that was reading constantly! (my family literally hated me that year)
  • Read Harry Potter. Okay, so I know that all of you are probably in shock after realizing that I have yet to read this series…but…my aunt gave me the first two for Christmas and we vowed to read them together this year. So, pick up your chin and let’s move on.
  • Finish 5 series:
  1. Throne Of Glass series. I am currently stuck on QOS, but I know that I have to finish this series at some point. I am having a hard time getting through all the books.
  2. Falling Kingdoms Series. I started this series so long ago and I remember really loving it but got off track at some point. I just ordered books 4 & 5, and plan on picking up the last at some point to finish it off.
  3. Fire & Thorns. Apparently, I already read this series but I honestly could not tell you the first thing about it. I recently ordered the first 3 books and plan on re-reading.
  4. The Falconer Series. This was a recommendation from Ms. Jennifer L. Armentrout way back when the first book came out. I adored it but never completed the series??? I have the last 2 books and plan on finishing this series.
  5. The Red Queen Series. I read the first 2 books. LOVED THEM!! Took a small hiatus and need to purchase the last two but plan on doing that soon!

An honorable mention would be The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. I have the first 6 on my shelf but have not started them. Everyone tells me how good they are. Not sure if I will try to get to them this year or not?

  • Post at least twice per week. I have been much better at this lately but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to let the blog go by the way side:(
  • Post more discussion posts. I feel like you all get to know me a little more when I post discussions. Therefore, I think that I am going to start a new meme called Life Update. (original right?) This is where I can tell you all that is going on in my personal life as well as my reading life.
  • Read/Review all ARC’s that are requested. This one right here is a doozy! I ALWAYS read hard copy ARC’s when I receive them. I usually tend to not review it if it is something that I DNF’d, but I do read all of them. My problem is with Edelweis & Netgalley. Pheweee! It is so hard to not just hit that request button. I am vowing to myself that I HAVE to review each book requested.
  • Read at least 20 back listed titles from Netgalley. This one is to try to help get my Netgalley reviewer percentage up. I am hoping this will help!
  • Post monthly TBR’s. I typically tend to be such a mood reader that TBR’s do not really work for me but…I am going to try this year because I feel that this will help me keep on track with my posts and my ARC’s.
  • Monthly wrap up post. I have never done this but I see that these are soo popular. I am going to try them and see how I enjoy it.

So there you have it folks. What are some of your 2019 reading goals? Do we have the same ones? Go HERE if you would like to read my co-blogger, Sam’s goals for 2019.

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