Life Update #1

Hello there all my bookish fiends! This is my very first life update post and I thought that maybe I would just start by telling you a little more about myself first, then we can move on to a weekly schedule (or bi weekly?).

Life Happenings

I am 43 years young and I adore reading YA! My favorite genre’s are dystopian, Fantasy & contemporaries. I do tend to enjoy a great post apocalyptic or zombie read now and again too!

I am married to my husband since 1999 and we will celebrate our 20th in October 2019! I am secretly hoping that we can do something big? We have two daughters, Alexandra, whom is 20 and a sophomore at Lycoming College and Savannah, 15 and a sophomore in high school.

We live in a small town in Pennsylvania with our two fur-babies, Winston the Great Dane and Harper the Lab/Pit mix. Our dogs are literally our babies and thank gosh we have a king sized bed because they snuggle with us every night to slumber;-)

I had bariatric surgery in August of 2016 and would do it all over again if I needed to. Best life choice I have ever made. If you would like to read my story, I did a whole post on it HERE.

I work in a pain management medical practice obtaining authorizations for procedures and getting pain pump meds from the pharmacy. I also spend my days coordinating the surgical schedule and setting up depositions for the physicians. I wear many hats since our office is small and privately owned but I really do enjoy it and those that I work with.

Well there you have it. Basically my life in a nutshell. Right now, Alex (aka Alexandra) is home on winter break and Savannah has her winter break from school. It sucks that I am at work right now when I so wish that I could be home and snuggled up on the couch watching Netflix with them both. And my four legged babies. But, I have to pay for the tuition somehow, am I right?

Reading Happenings

It is at the very end of December as I am writing this so I am starting my January TBR and Lateathon challenge a tad bit early but that is okay by me!

I am currently reading Freedom Trials by Meredith Tate. This is an ARC book that I received for review and am reading a tad bit late since it came out in October!

So far it is really good and I really did not want to stop reading last night! I will leave you all with a little snippet:

Evelyn Summers Prisoner E.S.-124 Rehabilitation Diary Day 9

This place gives me the creeps. My cell isn’t like the ones in the movies. There aren’t metal bars on the walls, only the tiny window on the door. The door itself even creeps me out. It’s six inches thick of pure steel. I feel like they’re sealing me in a bank vault when they lock it at night. Gray concrete walls and two beds make up the rest of my cell. That’s it. No windows, no sunlight. If I have to pee after they lock our door, there’s a little pot for a toilet. I try not to use it, though, because then there’s a bucket of piss festering in the room until morning.

What are you reading this week? Have you read Freedom Trials? Did you enjoy it?

Talk to me!

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