Operation Atonement by Talia Hibbert



Redemption ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

The minute foul-mouthed Irishman Adam McLoughlin sees Dionne Pryce, he knows that he’s a goner. The ex-glamour model has curves for days and an attitude to match, and her ridiculous stilettos do funny things to his insides. 

He makes it his mission to have her.

But Dionne isn’t interested in being had. She’s spent her whole life running from love, and now she’s busy cleaning up the messes left in her wake. In fact, she has a mission of her own: Operation Atonement. And even the fiercely sexy Adam can’t distract her.

…Or can he?

My Thoughts:

Operation Atonement follows Adam McLoughlin and Dionne Pryce. Adam is a tall, dreamy, foul-mouthed Irishman. Dionne is the woman of my dreams. She funny, sassy, strong-willed, and independent. When these two met, it’s instant fireworks even though they under interesting circumstances. Pretty much from the very beginning, it’s been fireworks.

Adam McLoughlin is such a sweetheart, but also just so freaking sexy. Both Dionne and I were drooling over him. He’s so understanding, passionate, and protective. Every time Dionne tried to push him away he would dig in his heels and stay firmly planted. Also, I loved that he never pushed Dionne. He accepted what she was willing to share, and backed off when he saw it was too much.

Dionne is a mission: Operation Atonement. She’s looking to right her past wrongs and learns from her mistakes. The operation alone is kind of amazing and pretty inspiring. I loved that she decided to do this, learn from her mistakes and become a new person. She’s so incredibly funny, and sassy. Her friends are amazing and you can feel the love that they have for each other. I love how independent she is, and her confidence. I love her with my whole heart, but gosh there were times I wanted to strangle her. I wanted her to stop pushing Adam away and to just trust him. Or not talk her way out of good situations. Dionne is also a former glamour model, and I absolutely freaking loved how Talia Hibbert addressed it. Adam handled it so well and stood up for her when needed. I literally fell even more in love with Adam for that alone.

Dionne & Adam together sizzle. Truly they’re electric. They work so well with each other, a constant push and pull. Dionne wants to push Adam away, but he won’t let her. He worms his way in and against her judgment, he makes a place for himself. Dionne is also lighter when she’s around him. She’s a bit more accepting, braver, and open. This story was so much fun, seeing these two interact with not only each other but their friends as well.
Also, there’s this one scene where Dionne calls her mom. Ugh, I was a mess. It’s a highly emotional scene in itself but it was heightened for me because it was like I could hear my mom’s voice. So many tears.

Speaking of tears, after I finished it I just laid in bed and cried for a bit. Not because of the book, which had a soft + funny ending, but because of the authors note. The whole note was sweet, but then Talia ended it with this: “show somebody love today, even if that somebody is yourself”. Great advice!

On a lighter note, those sex scenes though… 


In short, I loved this book. It’s my first Talia Hibbert book but definitely not my last. I recommend this book to everyone. You can get this book for free by signing up for the author’s newsletter here She’s adorable and funny so I highly recommend signing up + you get two free books!

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