Life Update #5| Hello Fresh & Lots of Reads!

Life Happenings

Last week went by super fast! Work is insanely busy, I cannot even tell you!

Last week, I told you that we ordered a meal kit with Hello Fresh. Our box arrived on Tuesday and we had our first meal Tuesday night. Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli.

It was actually very delicious and my husband and daughter loved it! The best part is that now we have the recipe with the exact amounts needed and we can just make it on our own.

Everything comes bagged separately and measured.

Our second meal was Lemon Peppercorn Chicken. This was another great dish. Everyone loved this one too!

So far we are two for two! I really like that there is zero prep work and the dishes come with complete, easy instructions! Our meals for this week are:

We are hoping that we enjoy these just as much!!! I will keep ya posted:)

Reading Happenings

I completed The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and voted it as my favorite read this month! I can’t wait to get the next one in the series. I also finished Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon. Another great read!

I read a real tear-jerker about a shelter pup that left me literally sobbing but was such an eye opening read called Chasing the Blue Sky by Will Lowrey. Watch for my review coming soon that includes my personal story of my rescue, Harper.

I am currently reading Broken Things by Lauren Oliver and it is so good! A little mystery and Psychological thriller that I adore!

I will leave you with a good quote:

“In books, secret worlds are accessible by doors or keys or other physical objects. But Lovelorn was not such a world, and appeared at whim and only when it felt like it, with a subtle change like the slow shifting of afternoon to evening.”
― Lauren Oliver, Broken Things

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