Monthly Try A Chapter Challenge #2

This series was created by the very fabulous Destiny at Howling Libraries. The idea is to choose 5 books from your TBR shelf, read the first chapter of each and decide which book you will be reading for the challenge the following month.

I adore this idea and think it will really help get my TBR down since I can usually tell by the writing style immediately if I will enjoy a book or not. So, I will be pulling from my TBR jar for this challenge and if I think that I might like the book, I will put it back in but if I definitely know that I will not…it will get discarded and off the TBR right away.

My February choices are…

  • The Resolutions by Mia Garcia: I loved the premise but could not get through the first chapter of this one. I was so sad because I really wanted to love it!
  • Doing It by Hannah Witton: This is like a sex ed book for anyone whom has any burning sex questions they need answers to. I really started to enjoy this one.
  • Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Another DNF. The characters were so fake and unbelievable.
  • That Night by Amy Giles: I was sucked in by the first chapter of this book and did not want to put it down. It seems like a real emotional read.
  • The Namarielle by Julien Jamar: I cannot really put my finger on why I could not get into this one but unfortunately…I was bored!

and the winner is…

That Night by Amy Giles! I really got into this first chapter and wanted to keep right on going. I was able to actually put it down but am looking so forward to picking it back up again!

I really enjoyed Doing It by Hannah Whitton too, so that one has been placed back into my TBR jar for another time.

Have you read any of these books? Tell me your thoughts on them.

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