Life Update #6|Kitchen Mishap & Princess Story

Life Happenings

Well hello there all and happy February! The month filled with hearts, the color red and fueled by love. *haaaa sigh*

We are having a huge cold front right now in my area and it is said to be colder here right now than Alaska! BRRRRRR!!! I absolutely despise the cold and feel like upon retirement, I need to be somewhere tropical:)

We got our second Hello Fresh box and are still quite happy with it! This week our choices were:

Both were delicious although, I felt that there was nothing really special about the chicken & rice. It was just okay for me but the tacos…..mmmmmmmm! They were to die for!

Story time

While making the taco’s this week, I had to cut a red onion and the pablano peppers which both tend to be on the more spicy side. Well, I was going along and chopping my little heart out when the onion splashed up by my eye, I then made the mistake of using the back of my hand…filled with pepper juice from the pablano (do you see where this is going?) to wipe it away. A few seconds later…my entire eye was burning. I mean the socket and my cheek was on FIRE! It got so bad that I could not even open my eyes. I then proceed to try to rinse my eyes out (without washing my hands first…*shakes head*) which now allowed me to get more burning in both eyes! I had to call for hubby to come help me and he reminded me to wash my hands with dish soap, then try to rinse out my eyes.

Needless to say, I lived through the ordeal and I never said I was a master chef but….I will be sure to be more careful next time because that was awful!

Reading Happenings

If you missed my January wrap up…I read 15 books! I am so proud of myself and hope that this yearning to read will continue! Me needs the books! nom nom nom! LOL! Anyhoo, I am currently reading Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle and I am really enjoying it! It has Princess’s and Prince’s. Rival kingdoms and forbidden love! It is also a diverse read. I am super excited to see where this one goes!

What are you currently reading? Have you had a kitchen mishap? Tell me about it!

2 thoughts on “Life Update #6|Kitchen Mishap & Princess Story

  1. Oh, girl! Those poblano peppers can be real jerks! I use them all the time to make chiles rellenos, and while they are delicious, they sometimes surprise you with how spicy they are! So I get you because this sort of thing happens to me quite a bit. Lol.

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