Life Update #7|Getting my butt kicked & Blue Apron

Life Happenings

So I missed a few updates. OOPS! Our office moved at the beginning of February and work has been a whirlwind since! We seem to have finally settled in and I am so grateful for that! I really like my new office space and finally have a window!!! (it’s the little things, I tell ya!)

We also finished up with our Hello Fresh boxes and have moved on to Blue Apron. I have to tell you that so far, Hello Fresh is our favorite. The recipes for Blue Apron are just a bit too fancy. We are a meat & potatoes kind of household. I haven’t taken any pictures lately because I had been getting home late and just wanted to eat! I will try to get some next week of our box.

Reading Happenings

I am currently reading That Night by Amy Giles. I am very much enjoying this YA contemporary that I finished half of it in the first sitting!

February has been a little slow on the reading for me. With the end of the month coming this week, I have not finished my TBR for this month and I am trying not to stress about it but look forward to a new clean reading month.

Here is a little snippet from That Night:

“We live our lives like survivors, weaker in some places, but stronger in others. Scarred, but healing.”
― Amy Giles, That Night

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