After: The Movie Review | I was so disappointed!!!

Hey all! This past weekend, I was able to finally watch After. I feel like I had waited forever and I was so super excited to finally be seeing my favorite characters come to life!

There may be spoilers!!!!

I am just going to be giving you guys a rambling review of my thoughts and feelings while watching. There may be many spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie and you want to stay surprised….DON’T READ THIS REVIEW!!!

Also, please note that this is only my opinion! I have seen some that adored the movie and I am so happy for them! I wish that I had felt the same. If you loved it…let me know. I would love to chat about it.

As a little background…

I just recently read the whole After series by Anna Todd to update myself on the books in preparation of the movie. The movie is only based off of book one in the series but once I started reading…I was hooked and literally allowed this series to take over my life. Any minute that I was not doing something with my hands…I was reading. I read day and night…and let me tell you….this week, I am exhausted!


I have to admit that I was not taken with Hero Fiennes-Tiffin playing the part of Hardin Scott. I did however, like Josephine Langford as Tessa. Will I still feel the same after actually watching the movie? Read on to see…

My thoughts on the movie

The movie starts out with Tessa being at home getting ready for college. EXACTLY like the book. I enjoyed this part because it was so much like the book and I was secretly getting giddy inside for the excitement that this movie is going to be awesome and give me goosebumps and wonderful dreams….. Yeah…NOT SO MUCH!!!!

I felt like they had such a low budget that they took a 500 page book, condensed it, and crammed it into about one hour and forty five minutes. There was sooo much that they did not dwell or even touch upon. I felt like I only knew what was going on or how much of an ass Hardin could be, just because I read the books and was prepared. If you did not actually read the books, you will not understand the magnitude of the whole point of this movie!

Instead of it being a bet…they called it “a game”. Nothing about the condom or the sheets. They changed that whole aspect.

The only parts that I was actually smiling at were when they used certain quotes from the book. Which leads me to Hardin & Tessa. I enjoyed Josephine as Tessa. I felt that she had an innocent look about her and she was able to play it off easily. She also had a defiant look in her eye whenever telling Hardin off, so that was good too:) Hardin however….he was really good looking and his accent was divine…but….I felt like he was too soft. They didn’t allow him to be as brooding and arrogant as in the books. I expected him to be fully tattooed, like sleeved and where the hell were the piercings?? They left a lot out and I felt like their relationship was really rushed.

We didn’t get a lot of time with Hardin’s family, or his group of friends. Where was the set up for something between Tessa and Zed?? I also felt like they were really trying to push diversity and made Steph a lesbian with Tristan being a girl. I have no problem with that at all but I just wanted this movie to follow the book a little??? I felt like we as readers were really jipped.

The ending was the worst! It just like ended. Seriously, you expect a cliffhanger but WTH? Like you see Hardin coming up behind Tessa to meet her and he sits down next to her, she looks up and dark screen…CUT!!! What the @$#%^%!

I finished the movie and just felt so unsatisfied… I am not sure if they will continue and create a sequel. Honestly, even though I was not feeling this movie, I would still watch the sequel if there was one. Just out of curiosity’s sake!

So, tell me…have you seen it? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Chat with me!

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