The Watchers by Laura Birzulis | Vampires, Angels, Oh My!

Published May 30th 2016 by PublishNation

Watched all her life. The world ripped from beneath her when a mysterious vampire breaks into her life and her house. Jade Grover discovers the angelic nature of her blood. Prophecies of a broken world, carnage and massacre. Creatures that lurk in the dark vying for power. A jealousy driven killer hides among the cruel masses of supernatural competitors for her life. Will it be her lover? Her best friend? Or the vampire that drives her crazy? A brutal attack leaves her broken and bloody. Her body destroys itself from the inside. Can she keep her humanity while helping her boss with brittle supernatural relations who want her blood? Or will she lose control and let angelic and vampiric genes merge leading her to execution?

My Thoughts

I really enjoy vampires and still really love Twilight! (don’t judge!) So when I was approached to read a vampire story, I was over excited because they are few and far between anymore.

Jade has been watched basically her whole life by a strange man that just stands outside her house. He never speaks or approaches but just watches. At first, she was freaked out. Called the police on several occasions but he always came back. She started to feel safer in his presence and actually just got use to the idea of him being there. (weird??) Until one day, he actually enters the house and tells her about her genetic history. This is where things take a strange turn and Jude needs to start fighting for survival.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book. BUT…the more I got into the story, the more I grew to enjoy it and really had a hard time putting it down.

I so very much enjoyed Jade’s best friend, Holly. She was a hoot and very loyal. She stuck by Jade’s side no matter what was happening. She got freaked out but was such a great friend that she pushed through her fear and helped however she was needed.I really liked Taylor too. But I adored Shane! Think of him as an 1800’s Christian Grey. Not like “red room” Christian but domineering and bossy Christian. Jade was such a strong character. She starts off young and naive but quickly learns her way in this new world that she was thrown into. It doesn’t take her long to become kick ass and I really loved her!

The only down fall with the book is that it is seriously flawed. Hence the reason for 3 stars. There are a TON of grammatical errors. Sometimes, there were even some words missing. I did read an interview with Ms. Birzulis stating that she has Dyslexia and she had counted on her editor and publishing company to take care of all edits of the book and she felt that they dropped the ball. I would have to agree with her on this but I admire her for writing an entire novel while struggling with her disease and pushing through it. That is super amazing and I give her HUGE kudos!

Even with the errors, I was able to just work through them and read the entire book in 2 days. I really enjoyed it! I am also super excited to start the second book in the series, Angel of Whispers. The author has acquired a new publisher for her second book and I hope they do her writing some justice. I believe that as long as she keeps writing, she will continue to only get better and better.

Thank you to Ms. Laura Birzulis for the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

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