Top Ten Tuesday | Characters That Remind Me of Myself

I’ve read many books over the years and there haven’t been many books that I’ve felt reflected in or any in which I felt that the characters reminded me of myself. So because of that, this is going to be a very short list. I’m goofy, sarcastic, loyal, and inquisitive. Those are just my good traits 😂. Hope you guys Enjoy!



Dionne I actually saw a lot of myself in Dionne. She’s very funny and sassy, and independent. She also keeps things close to her chest and make people earn her trust. Dionne is the character I see myself the most in.



Evie reminds me of myself because she is so sarcastic. SHE’S SARCASTIC! This entire book is basically just her turning everything into a joke somehow. She’s also pretty dramatic and oh my god that is me!



This chick is inquisitive which is good because she’s a detective (a wannabe detective, actually). She’s a sweet kid, who just doesn’t know when to stop. Also, she’s someone who trust her instincts. I’m an instinctive person, I trust my gut 100%.

Guy Gardner


He’s so loyal, funny, and annoying. He’s a great friend, and a fighter. He also doesn’t know when to shut up. Wow, suddenly I feel so SEEN.



I don’t see myself that much in Gen. But she had this crush that she just couldn’t let go of. She dreamed of having a life with this person, and that he’d love her that she did him. In the end she was more in love with the idea of him and the life she imagined and not really the person. Let me tell you, when I read this book it hit me right In the feels and I related to her so much at the time. My head’s always in the clouds.

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