Top Ten Tuesday | Auto-Buy Authors

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing my top ten auto-buy authors. The authors who all I have to see is their name and immediately, without thinking, without reading the synopsis, without any regard for my bank account, put the book in my cart. I had so much fun putting this list together I hope you guys enjoy!

Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison, has my entire heart and soul. I love her so much, and have enjoyed everything that I’ve read so far. Morrison has a way with writing stories that stick with you forever.

Kelley Armstrong

2800905. sy475

I’ve been a die hard Armstrong fan since I read this book 9 years ago. I became so obsessed with this series and I just loved her writing. Armstrong crafts some really strong, entertaining, kick-ass characters. While this book was my first of hers, its her Cainsville series that has my heart.

Patricia Briggs


I talk about the Mercy Thompson series constantly. Because it’s AMAZING! Anyways, outside of this series Briggs is just an amazing writer who crafts such interesting, intricate stories. there are little seeds in this first book that are so easily overlooked but she turns them into multilayered stories several books later, and I love that about her.

Roxane Gay


I love Roxane Gay. I love her personality and writing styling, I love listening and reading her thoughts. She’s great, follow her of Twitter.

Lili St. Crow/Lilith Saintcrow


Ms. Saintcrow writes under both names. Lili St. Crow is the name she uses when she writes young adult and the other for Adult fiction. Her stories are always so entertaining to me, she always writes kick-ass women in rich urban fantasy settings. She’s not for everyone though, because she can get real weird and she loves open endings.

Gayle Forman

Image result for if i stay book cover

She broke my heart, now I must support her with my money and also my tears. She’s a phenomenal writer who isn’t afraid to tackle the hard stuff. Also, she writes some one the best male love interests.

Jason Reynolds

22552026. sy475

This book is a tearjerker for real! Jason Reynolds has a way with words, that I can’t even comprehend. Just so talented!

Julie Kagawa


If you want entertainment, adventure, dangerous, rich characters, and world building. The Julie Kagagwa is the author for you!

Sarah Dessen

15396970. sy475

She’s been one of my auto-buy authors for years. She just writes some really good stories, and I’ve adored every one that I have read.

Richelle Mead


I bought everyone of these books, even though their covers makes me cringe. That’s how much I love Richelle Mead, she knows how to write some addictive stories that seemed to always break my heart. I’m still hoping that there will be a spin-off of this series, I miss my babies.

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