Welcome to 2020! It’s a new year!

Hi All!

I have missed all of you so much since my hiatus started and I am here to tell you all…..

I think that I may have over exerted myself in the past with the goals that I have set forth. My gosh, I always want to do SOOOO MUCH!!! There is no way to even keep up with myself… But, I am so committed to this blog that I just CANNOT let it go!

Sooo, my commitment for 2020 is to just read and report! No deadlines, no calendars.

“What the heck” you ask?? Heather! “How can you even do this?” How? What is more important is why? I love reading and I lost that passion somewhere along the way with ARC deadlines, trying to keep up with the newest books coming out and comparing myself to other bloggers. This all has got to STOP! I was literally driving myself crazy and hence the need for a long break!

Welcome to 2020.

The year where I will ONLY track what I am reading and if a book does not fit the bill….then oh well! Let’s start a new one straight away and just get back to why I started this blog to begin with….to share my love of reading!

There will be no schedule! There will be no calendars! What you can expect are my ramblings about my life and my recent books that I adored…or even ones that I didn’t! I may only post once a week or maybe even once every other week? Whatever strikes my fancy.

Welcome all once again to Nightly Reading! I hope that I have not lost all of you and you will join me for a fun filled year of just reading and sharing our love of books!

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