My week with COHO! Featuring 2 reviews:)

Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week:)

I am here today to finish up my week of catching up on my Colleen Hoover reads. I adored both of these books and am looking forward to whatever Ms. Hoover comes up with next!

My Thoughts:

Colleen is becoming one of my all time favorite authors! I devour every. single. book that she writes and I cannot stop myself from reading. I adore all of her characters, especially the boys because she has a way of writing those swoonworthy men that we all love to fall for.

Regretting You was no different except this time, we got two swoonworthy boys instead of just one! I loved the dynamic between mother and daughter. Their relationship felt authentic and I was able to identify with both of them. I enjoyed both POV’s, although, I wish that we would have gotten a little more from young Morgan.

This book has so many aspects to it that it kept me reading on long into the night. YES! It was that good! It was a cross over between YA & Adult fiction that I really, really enjoyed and hope to see more from other author’s.

My Thoughts:

This book blew me away. COHO did an amazing job for making us fall for these characters and actually justify their actions. Then, boom! Hit us with another whammy and knocked us to our knees yet again!

I adored Ryle. I loved them together and thought about how perfect their relationship was. But, I also adored Atlas too! You never forget your first love and I could not get him out of the back of my head either.

I really enjoyed the look back in the past through letters to Ellen. This was genius! I felt like I was channeling Lily through the words written on the pages. My mind was thinking about all the great things about these two gentlemen. It was getting hard to decipher and separate the love from pain.

I cannot really go into too much detail for I do not want to spoil the awesomeness that is this book for you. Just know this, if you love a good romance that gives you the feels and somewhat shocks you, then you need to read this one.

I just found out that the book has been optioned for a movie and if it actually comes to fruition, I will be the first in line on opening night!

Have you read either of these books?

Have you read another Colleen Hoover book that you loved?

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