2021 Reading/Blog Goals

Hey there, Hi there!

It’s been a very long minute since I have written a post besides a review.

Here I am again with my blogging new year’s resolutions. Every year that I do this, I feel like I get so overwhelmed because I think that I try to do too much and lose sight of what I am trying to accomplish, which is….have fun & read!! Also, to share my love of reading and all the great books with characters that we adore and romance to die for! Am I right?

I have set some goals for myself that I am hoping I will be able to achieve this year! They are small and I think that if I work at it, this should not be too hard.

2021 GOALS

  • Read 1 book per week. I am going to try to at least read one book per week this year and see if this works out. This may be a little more difficult because I read a little every night but it will sometimes take me over a week to complete a book.
  • Post 1 book review per week on Tuesdays. I will not be posting daily but vow to post one book review on Tuesdays each week.
  • DNF if not engrossed by chapter 3. This is a tough one for me because I HATE to DNF a book but I am vowing to do this because the TBR is so very high and I would love to make some sort of dent in it.
  • Try a chapter Challenge. I tried this in 2019 and really enjoyed it. Created by Destiny @ Howling Libraries, you pull 5 names from your TBR jar and read the first chapter of each, if you love it, you can either continue or throw back into another TBR jar. If you cannot get into it, then you DNF the book and remove it from your TBR list. This is an excellent way to get your TBR down. I will only be pulling 3 instead of 5 but this should help a bit!
  • Concentrate on 2021 titles only. I have 16 2021 titles on my TBR list right now: Netgalley-4 & Edelweiss-12 I would like to keep up with those prior to reading any back list ones.


I am planning to have the following posting schedule:

  • Sunday: Try A Chapter Challenge
  • Wednesday: Book Review
  • Friday: TBR for following week.

Thank you to all of you for sticking with me for all of these years and through all of the ups and downs. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! 2020 has been a rough one throughout the entire world. Let’s hope 2021 is much better. To health & prosperity. (And finding some new swoonworthy book boyfriends:)

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