JLA Catch Up Challenge!

Hey there! Hi there!

I am here to discuss my first challenge of the year! I have been wanting to do this for a while because Jennifer L Armentrout is my absolute favorite author but she has sooo many books and somewhere along the line, I have fallen very behind!!

I will be using January through March for my JLA Catch Up challenge. I currently have 21 books and 5 novellas to read to actually catch up! Let’s see how well I do! I will post every other week to update my progress.

Want to join along? Do you love JLA as much as I do? How many of her books have you read and which is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “JLA Catch Up Challenge!

  1. I hope you love them all!

    I have read a lot by her and enjoyed most of them. The Lux Series was good, but I ended up not continuing with it, as well as the Wicked trilogy. I loved The Dark Elements, and her standalone books though:)

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