Discussion Post: Paperback, Hardcover or Ereader?

Hey There! Hi There!

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on the several different types of reading materials I use and discuss my favorite parts of each and what my dislikes are of each.

Let’s get started!


Hardcovers are probably my least favorite type of book to read. They are bulky and so very hard to hold for long periods of time. Not to mention they weigh so much more than other types of books and take up a lot of cargo room when traveling. But, boy oh boy, do they look so very pretty on the shelves. I like to purchase hardcovers for this reason only. They hold up much better than a paperback and look gorgeous on the shelf!


Paperbacks are my favorite type of book to read! They are bendable and easier to hold. I like that I am able to hold an actual book in my hands! And….YES! I am one of those people that breaks the spine of my book and folds them in half to read! I love taking paperbacks with me to the beach and just being able to sit with my book and soak up the sunshine. Ahhhh! *dreaming of summer*


I have a love/hate relationship with ereaders. I do own a kindle and actually just purchased a new kindle fire for myself but I would much rather hold a book in my hands. Over the years, I have learned that as a book reviewer, it is so much easier to keep your books in digital format than it is to try to keep copies of all of them on your shelves! I have been there and so very inundated with books that I did not know which way to turn or where to start. I have since started using my ereader and although it is not my first choice, it gets the job done and keeps my books tidy in one place.

Which way do you like to read? What’s your favorite? What is your least favorite?

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