Review: Gone by Reagan Keeter

Expected publication: February 1st 2021 by Irresistible Publishing

Home from college for the summer, Connor is upstairs, listening to his parents argue, when a windowless van pulls up on the front yard and a masked man charges into the house. He knocks out Connor’s father, tasers his mother, and then, as quick as he came, he is gone.

The police quickly exhaust their leads. No ransom call comes. And Connor takes it upon himself to find his parents before it is too late. That quest, however, is complicated when he crosses paths with a group of anarchists bent on causing chaos in New York City. And their plan, Connor learns, is not only related to the abductions, it will also upend everything he thought he knew about his family.

My Thoughts

I really wanted to enjoy this book, for I had such high hopes. The premise was intriguing and I felt like it could have gone in so many different directions, but I was kind of let down and had to force myself to finish.

The beginning caught a little of my attention but seemed a bit on the cheesy side. Connor is home from college, in his room when he hears a bang downstairs. Upon inspection, he hears his mother freaking out and realizes that there is someone in the house and the bang was his father falling over after being whacked in the head. He was left with the dilemma of whether he should try to rescue his parents or not. Then he decides that he will but second guesses himself because what if the intruder has a gun! So what does he do??? He hides!!! WTF??? The story moves on with Connor trying to figure out the puzzle of where his parents are and if they are still alive.

I could not connect with Connor at all. He seemed so flat as a character. His actions were weird to me and I never felt his angst or anguish from the entire situation. I honestly got zero feeling from him at all.

What kept me reading was the actual mystery to what actually happened and led to the events of that day. But even that was pushing it and I really did force myself to not DNF this one.

The ending was wrapped up nicely, but there seemed to be a lot of foreshadowing, so I kind of figured it all out prior to actually reaching the end.

I hate giving bad reviews and honestly, this is not my normal genre, so maybe that is where the problem lies? If you enjoy mysteries, you may enjoy this one and should definitely give it a try but it was just meh for me.

Have you heard of this book? Plan on reading it? Read it already?

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