Review: The Dead List by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published January 26th 2017 by Jennifer L. Armentrout

When Ella is mysteriously attacked on her way home from a party, her entire life changes as she finds herself at the center of an attempted murder investigation. Ella tries to move on, but her attacker isn’t done yet. He shows himself in the form of horrifying signs and symbols: a clown mask strewn on her bed, a dead bird in her backpack, a shadow moving past her window in the night. And as the weeks pass, it turns out that Ella isn’t the only one being tormented. With the help of an old flame, Jensen Carver, and her friends and family, Ella tries to attain some sense of normalcy, but she can’t seem to shake the feeling that there’s a dark pattern hidden in the killer’s every move. Suddenly, even those in her innermost circle seem suspicious. In her seemingly safe West Virginia town, Ella starts to wonder who she can trust 

My Thoughts

“I don’t regret saying something,” I said as he pulled down the street.

He glanced at me.”Well, I regret not punching him in the face.”

My lips twitched.”Sorry. I couldn’t let that happen.”

“I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity,” He muttered, squinting out the windshield.”

― Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Dead List

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout but she has written so very many books that I am having to try to catch up. This book had been on my radar for a while now since I am on a thriller kick lately.

I feel like this book should have more hype surrounding it than it does? I really enjoyed it and I believe that I finished it fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I was able to guess what was going on fairly early but I still enjoyed the read none the less.

Our story starts out with Ella wanting to leave a high school party early. What she doesn’t expect is to be attacked in the middle of the field where her car is parked. Her attacker almost gets what he/she wants until someone else is found leaving the party too and interrupts the attacking just in time to save Ella’s life. This starts some very weird situations for Ella, always trying to stay one step ahead of the attacker.

Let’s talk about the romance for a second. Ella’s childhood friend, Jensen, saves her on the night of her attack and there is more there than just friendship. I really like Jensen, he is a “more than meets the eye” character. He looks like one thing on the outside, a jock whom is a player with the girls. But, he actually is really sweet and only has an eye for Ella.

The only other part that I wanted to chat about is the fact that there is an attacker on the loose but Ella just keeps on going out alone. I am not sure if it was bravery or stupidity but to me…since I am 40 something…it seemed like immaturity.

If you are looking for a great thriller with an awesome plot, look no further! You have found it and I encourage you to try this one!

I really liked this thriller and it kept me on the edge of my seat,

what is a good thriller you have read lately?

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