Review: The Scarecrow Man by Jess Jay

Published December 22nd 2020

Episode One of the Shriekers Serial

The world ended. The green covers the country, consuming everything it touches. Shriekers—the carnivorous bodies of those changed after being eaten from the inside out—roam the world, fueled by the sun and nearly impossible to kill.

After a year of not seeing another living soul, Thea thought she was alone in the world.

She was wrong.

New encounters force Thea from her home and down the Highway, on a journey to find a place that shouldn’t exist. The further she travels, the more she realizes that the world isn’t what she thought it was.

Join Thea on her journey in the first of four episodes that comprise The Golden Highway, the first novel in the Shriekers series.

There’s no place that’s home.

My Thoughts

Anyone whom knows me, knows that I adore anything post apocalyptic, whether it be TV, movies or books. There is just something about trying to survive in a world that is falling apart that entices me. This book was fascinating because the shriekers, aka zombies were a little different than those that I normally adore.

This was a short read with it being told in “episodes”. You get introduced to our MC, Thea. I really like Thea and felt that she had to grow up quickly. I also feel that she has a whole lot more of growing up to do but over time, she will. She is a little stand offish and really has to analyze everything she does, which is completely not a bad thing when it comes to the world she is left to.

The shriekers are a whole different breed in which they are tough to kill. A shot to the head will only stun them for a few minutes. They also are created from plants and not a bite which is different and unusual.

I still have so many questions about the creation of the shreikers, where they came from, how it started? I am now invested in this story and cannot wait to continue on!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Do you enjoy post apocalyptic reads? Love some zombies?

Talk to me!

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