Review: Fight For Her by Liz Plum

Published March 9th 2021 by Wattpad Books

From the outside, being the heir to a million-dollar auto repair company, the girlfriend to the school’s quarterback, and admired by her peers, means Scarlet Tucker’s life seems perfect. But after the tragic death of her brother, every day is a struggle to keep up appearances―especially with her boyfriend, who cares more about his reputation than about Scarlet’s feelings.

When Scarlet accidentally slams into her school’s resident bad-boy-slash-outcast, Elijah Black, in the hallway, he shakes up more than her notebooks. Scarlet’s heard rumors about Elijah, but she’s drawn to him because they share the same sorrow―they’ve both lost a brother. As they grow closer, Elijah lets Scarlet into his hidden life of underground fighting, where long-buried secrets that impact both of their lives unravel. Before long, Elijah and Scarlet are in too deep to turn back, and the only way they’ll survive is to stick together.

My Thoughts

My feelings about this book are All. Over. The . Place!!

On one hand, I adore the good girl, bad boy vibe that this book has going on. Bad boys are just my thing and that is what caught my attention when deciding on picking up this book. But, our main girl of Scarlet had me all kinds of annoyed! She was so wishy-washy, did she want to stay with her boyfriend or did she want to move on? The fact that she made up excuses for her boyfriend’s brutal and bullying behavior had me disliking her practically from page one.

I really liked Elijah, but just did not like them together. He was sweet and caring plus an all around bad a$$ but had it kept on the down low. He was truly portrayed as a really stand up guy.

I did finish the read but ended up just giving the book a 3. The romance had me feeling icky but I really liked our bad boy!

Have you read this book? Do Bad boys make you swoon?

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