Closed Doors by Pauline Albanese

74 Pages Published October 2nd 2015   Synopsis This is a coming of age story.  This is about closing your eyes,  shedding your skin,  finding yourself,  and touching your soul.  In the Underworld, Persephone looks her Death in the face.  My Thoughts A small fact about me is that I am obsessed with mythology, particularly … Continue reading Closed Doors by Pauline Albanese

Review: Only Everything

Only Everything Kieran Scott  May 6th 2014 Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 336 Pages A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Synopsis: High school romance is tough—even for a bona fide love goddess. Can Cupid succeed as a mortal matchmaker?When Eros (aka Cupid) is expelled from Olympus for defying Zeus … Continue reading Review: Only Everything