Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken

 248 pages Published April 22nd 2018 by Rachel Van Dyken My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars Synopsis: Four guys.  Constant moaning.  And a revolving door across the college suite I somehow ended up in because my first name is Shawn.  They don't discriminate. Girls. Guys. Grandmas. Plants (okay maybe not plants) all walks of life … Continue reading Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken

Promo Post: Exquisite Betrayal by AM Hargrove!

**This post is intended for mature audiences only! NOT a YA title!** Exquisite Betrayal by AM Hargrove Published December 17, 2013 A male Romance Author… a convention in Vegas… a female book blogger… a goal to lose her virginity… what happens when you mix all the above? Fallon McKinley is headed to Vegas for the … Continue reading Promo Post: Exquisite Betrayal by AM Hargrove!