Discussion Post: Cleaning Out Your Shelves

Last year I had to clean out my bookshelves. I live in a small cape cod and my bookshelves were taking over the entire house! I had books in every nook and cranny of available space and piled all over my bedroom that hubby basically said "it's the books or me!" So I said see … Continue reading Discussion Post: Cleaning Out Your Shelves

Friday TBR

Hey there! Hi there! Welcome to Friday TBR! This is where I will tell you all about what I will be reading next week. So without further ado..... The Scarecrow Man by Jess Jay Published December 22nd 2020 Goodreads The world ended. The green covers the country, consuming everything it touches. Shriekers—the carnivorous bodies of … Continue reading Friday TBR

JLA Catch Up Challenge Update!

Hey there! Hi there! Here is my bi-weekly update on where I am with my JLA challenge. I have 21 full length novels to read and 5 Novellas. Let's see where I am this week: (Click on the title to be taken to my review.) Full Length: Scorched (Frigid 2)The Dead List Look for the … Continue reading JLA Catch Up Challenge Update!