BOOK TOUR: Certainty by Victor Bevine

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Paperback, 358 pages
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (October 21, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

“God. Justice. The rule of law. And do you never find those to be in conflict?”

As World War I closes, sailors at the Naval Training Station in Newport, Rhode Island accuse a beloved clergyman of “sexual impropriety”, ensuing a controversial trial. Based on the true event Newport Navy Vice Scandal of 1919

Social injustices infuriate me, I know this event occurred in the early 1900’s nonetheless, I found the ignorance, and lack of acceptance of diversity difficult to bear and comprehend. This event could repeat itself today in any manner, which caused further angst. Imagine being publicly accused, witch hunted and having to defend yourself with questions forever lingering on your ‘behavior,’ guilt or innocence.

I found the trial aspect with its many twists and turns extremely interesting along with the many characters. You are left questioning man’s actions, morality, behavior and thoughts along with the questionable lengths people will go.

This provoking novel explores the fine line between right and wrong, good and evil. An unflattering event marring our nations history, fingers crossed we learned from our mistakes failing to repeat such a monumental grievance again. You seriously ask yourself post Great War our politicians had nothing better to remedy or investigate but rather instigate THIS travesty? Leaves you scratching your head in disgust.

About Victor Bevine

For over thirty years, Victor Bevine has worked as an actor, screenwriter, audio book narrator, director, and more. A graduate of Yale University,Victor-Bevine-_c-Amy-Thompson-Avishai_300dpi-300x200 his acting credits include many prestigious roles onstage as well as roles in the film version of A Separate Peace and countless television shows. He has read over one hundred and eighty titles as an audiobook narrator; in 2010, he received an Audiophone Award for his narration of the Pulitzer Prize–winning book The Beak of the Finch. He has written several screenplays, including Certainty, which was chosen for two prestigious writers’ conferences and which served as the basis for his first novel. His thirty-minute short film Desert Cross, which he wrote and directed, won accolades at the Athens International Film Festival. Currently, he serves as CEO of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), of which he is co-founder. He resides in New York City.

Connect with him through him Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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BOOK TOUR: Us: A Novel by David Nicholls

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• Hardcover: 416 pages
• Publisher: Harper (October 28, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

An intimate dissection into a 25 year marriage and family on the brink of dissolution.

Characterization pilots this story without a doubt. You have a clueless, intelligent male facing an awkward turning point in his marriage as well as mending a distant and fractured relationship with his burgeoning son. Narrated in the first person, Douglas tells the backstory of meeting his wife and their collective history complete with defeats and successes, as we revisit the past we learn Douglas is steady, honest, flawed and a reliable revealing voice.

Douglas captures your attention from the start possessing warmth and humor, he is a welcoming presence. Developed fully, you forget you’re reading, rather you feel apart of Douglas or at the very least an intimate confidant. Nicholls provides the reader with Douglas’s intricate ways and unique personality, you learn all and gain insight from his perspective, grasp his flaws as you comprehend his motives and missteps. His character is plausible and extremely realistic impacting the narrative and frankly making the story.

Despite Douglas narrating, you’re provided crumbs from Connie and Albie as well, gaining their viewpoint on Douglas. As each mindset is unleashed you realize the lack of communication, misunderstandings and assumptions causing the tears in the fabric of this marriage and family. With each truth and reality acknowledge, Douglas wholeheartedly attempts to salvage his family, vulnerable, naked as he desperately tries to correct his parental errors. As compelling as Douglas is, you are left questioning and disappointed in many of his actions. He’s a combination of misunderstood, unawares, and borderline complex by his own hand.

This is a story of more than a marriage on the precipice of ending, it’s about human interactions, lack of communication, being present but not really being there, a father seeking validation – always missing the mark with his son. the danger of a marriage of opposites, it’s an incredible story. Impeccable characterization, with a voice engaging the reader, definitely worth reading, well sketched in total.

About David Nicholls
David Nicholls’s most recent novel, the New York Times bestseller One Day, has sold over 2 million copies and been translated into thirty-David Nichollsseven languages; he also wrote the screenplay for the 2010 film adaptation starring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway. Trained as an actor before making the switch to writing, Nicholls’s previous novels include Starter for Ten (originally published in the U.S. as A Question of Attraction), adapted into a film starring James McAvoy, for which Nicholls also wrote the screenplay; and The Understudy. He continues to write for film and TV as well as writing novels and adapting them for the screen, and has twice been nominated for the BAFTA awards. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

Find out more about David at his website and connect with him on Facebook.

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BOOK TOUR: This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash


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This Dark Road to Mercy



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• Paperback: 256 pages
• Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Reprint edition (September 23, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

After their mother unexpectedly dies, twelve-year-old Easter Quillby and her six-year-old sister, Ruby, aren’t expecting to see their errant father, Wade, ever again. But the ex–minor league baseball player who’s been gone for years has suddenly appeared at their foster home to steal them away in the middle of the night.

Cash has a way of capturing the South with his detailed writing style. His Southern roots are exhibited, clearly the reason he describes the South so well. As you turn the pages you feel the humidity, the hospitality, you are carried to the South in every way immersing yourself in the environs.

Aside from the setting along with the writing, characterization makes the narrative stand out. Easter is a precocious young girl, evoking empathy and an unmistakable warmth. Her viewpoint is interesting especially with the other voices chiming in. Multiple narrators add dimension to the story, a compelling voice is of the state appointed guardian dedicated to the girls well being. Cash excels at fully developing the characters. The emotion, the depth of all the players will remain with the reader, understated yet powerful, Easter causing a lingering impact.

The momentum Cash creates is another plus, seamlessly tying everything together, thus the plot is another area of achievement. There’s a feel of volatility, anything can change at any moment. As layers are peeled away, unraveling continues, you find yourself at odds, conflicted with sides. There’s a grey area, nothing Cash crafts is limited to black and white, he presents thought provoking questions, leaving you with much to weigh and consider.

An incredibly absorbing story, quick, with plenty for the peruser to ponder well after the close of the cover. Highly recommend. Tons of questions regarding parental rights, parent-child relationship and more.

About Wiley CashWiley Cash
Wiley Cash is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of A Land More Kind Than Home. A native of North Carolina, he has held residency positions at Yaddo and The MacDowell Colony and teaches in the low-residency MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University. He and his wife live in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Find out more about Wiley on his website, connect with him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.

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BOOK TOUR: Village of Secrets by Caroline Morehead

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Village of Secrets


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• Hardcover: 384 pages
• Publisher: Harper (October 28, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

Nazi opposition succeeds surrounding the small eastern French village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in the mountains of Adèche.

Village of Secrets tells of the large number of French who resisted in some form involving themselves to save Jews, particularly the children from transportation to death camps. Many feigned ignorance and looked the other way, mainly law enforcement, risking their freedom. Religious intolerance set aside, as varying groups forgiving their differences in saving as many Jews as possible. One standout, Pastor Andre Trocmé, a man urging nonviolence resistance to oppressors, hid many Jews, as well as his parishioners with the utmost of secrecy, thus saving many from certain peril.

The blot forever staining French history is the fact thousands of French people sadly collaborated with Germans, many actively aiding in the herding of Jews. Vichy government attitude towards Jews permanently mars French history. A sobering fact, heartbreaking to comprehend, painful to revisit.

The atrocities of the Holocaust are described as expected, however the courage demonstrated by remarkable people willing to put their lives in great danger to save others creates for a well researched memorable read.

Moorehead’s clean writing and extensive research provides a brutal yet beautiful story of the harshness of some and the imperious kindness of others.

About Caroline MoreheadCaroline Morehead
Caroline Moorehead is the New York Times bestselling author of A Train in Winterand Human Cargo: A Journey Among Refugees, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. An acclaimed biographer of Martha Gellhorn, Bertrand Russell, and Lucie de la Tour du Pin, among others, Moorehead has also written for the Telegraph, the Times, and the Independent. She lives in London and Italy.


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BOOK TOUR: How to Bake a Man by Jessica Barksdale Inclán

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Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Ghostwoods Books (October 21, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

A cute quasi coming of age story involving Becca Munchmore, a 27 year old finally finding her footing in life and love. She’s on the precipice of sheltered, controlled by critical mother and emotionally immature. Finally she takes a leap on her own and pursues her passion of baking. She’s a charming character, endearing narrative as the reader follows her on her path of self discovery and love. Bonus, the book contains delicious recipes.

Becca is a warm character and I like the whole baking concept, very clever and added a distinct charm to both character and narrative. The approach the author took was sentimental plausible and enjoyable. I’m sure the younger audience will understand Becca’s situation in some capacity if not all. She comes across as weak but as you read on it isn’t a matter of lacking strength it’s a matter of truly not knowing border lining on fear/naivety/innocence,  not knowing in the sense of what you want or who you are exactly. All around read of claiming adulthood and your place, discovering love as well.

A cute story with an absolutely lovable character living life her way as she discovers who she is and what’s right in front of her. She controls her destiny without parental control. Fast paced enjoyable story.

About Jessica Barksdale InclánJB018a-200x300
JESSICA BARKSDALE INCLAN is the author of twelve traditionally published novels, including the best-selling Her Daughter’s Eyes, The Matter of Grace, and When You Believe. She has also published several ebooks and a women’s studies textbook, Diverse Voices of Women. Her work has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech.
Inclán teaches composition, creative writing, mythology, and women’s literature at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California, and online novel writing courses for UCLA Extension.

Find out more about Jessica at her website,

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BOOK TOUR: A Breast Cancer Alphabet by Madhulika Sikka

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Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Crown; First Edition edition (February 25, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

There is so much to cancer, more than the medical involvement, it’s the emotional, mental and physical toll it takes on the afflicted. Each person’s experience varies, however a few aspects might be shared and easily relatable of those suffering, Sikka herself states it is an immensely personal ‘journey.’ A Breast Cancer Alphabet addresses a myriad of challenges breast cancer imposes from a woman whose experience is shared.

Sikka gives a candid insight into breast cancer from the diagnosis continuing through survival, peppered with morsels of wit. No doubt this book will be helpful for a person recently diagnosed with breast cancer anxious to learn more than what the medical pamphlets describe. Looking for the answers to questions popping up in your mind, this book serves to anchor those hanging concerns from someone who’s been there sharing her personal experiences.

The book is cleverly formatted in the style of an alphabet book. Beginning with “A for Anxiety” continuing forward ending in “Z for Zzzzs” you gain a clear picture of the trials breast cancer presents, tips to reassure and assist as you try to navigate your way through the unknown waters.

“My breast cancer was not mystical, or enchanting or exotic. My breast cancer was not and is not a journey. Getting through cancer is no different from getting through some other terrible disease because that is what it is, a disease. It’s okay to treat it like one.”

“I for Indignities” a great section, she speaks loud and clear for ALL to hear about the bright side of breast cancer – a land of sparkling brightness personified by women who are happy and smiling while they are ‘battling’ this disease”. Ending the chapter with “My point is breast cancer is many, many things. What it is not is a fun ride. It is a painful and debilitating and public, and it is okay to feel indignant about that.” Her courage and honesty shines in her comment, thank goodness she voices what others silence.

A book serving as a lifesaver for some, certainly can’t hurt to peruse the pages arming yourself with knowledge. If you know anyone diagnosed I highly suggest this book, I urge you to read it if only to educate yourself on what they might be experiencing in hopes of serving as a vehicle of support.

About Madhulika Sikka

Madhulika-Sikka-Photo-Credit-Kainaz-Amara-199x300 Madhulika Sikka is a veteran broadcast journalist with decades of experience. Among other media outlets, she has worked at NPR News and ABC News.

Visit Madhulika’s website for more information.


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BOOK TOUR: Daring: My Passages by Gail Sheehy

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• Hardcover: 496 pages
• Publisher: William Morrow (September 2, 2014)
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review

After reading Passages, my curiosity was piqued. Sheehy demonstrated such insight in Passages I became interested in author and woman. If you haven’t read this book I highly suggest you do, unbelievable read. Her perspective and voice command your attention.

Sheehy’s memoir is one enthralling read, I was quickly absorbed in her life story, quite an exciting ride for both authoress and reader.

Sheehy takes you through numerous decades professionally and personally. We visit the pre-feminist era, civil rights movement to current times. A history lesson through the lens of a groundbreaking, fearless woman and esteemed journalist. She was an early pioneer in breaking the glass ceiling for women, specifically women journalists.

Sheehy possesses courage and takes serious risks, her career is proof. This woman continually challenges herself, downright exposing herself. A few situations requiring her undeniable moxie – she dressed up in hot pants and walked the streets with prostitutes; was caught in serious cross fire in the Irish civil war; interviewed several dignitaries and high level persons of interest: Bobby Kennedy, Anwar Sadat, Margaret Thatcher, the list continues which in itself is impressive.

Sheehy doesn’t limit her story to her stellar career, she also opens up regarding her personal life and her struggles most women face. The heartbreaking betrayal and demise of her first marriage, the complications arising from the fine art of balancing a demanding career with the demands of motherhood, we celebrate her discovery of her mentor and the love of her life Clay Felker, her experience in the adoption of a young refugee Cambodian girl. In all intents and purposes Sheehy opens the door to her life and once again presents herself in a fearless and exposed manner.

It’s a fair assumption I will never have lunch we Sheehy, we won’t spend hours compairing lives or gal paling around, however her memoir allows me to learn and become inspired by her fearlessness, wisdom and strength. I lived vicariously through this remarkable woman, what a time it was!

Highly recommend this fascinating story, a woman brutally honest in all facets of her life and career. Library of Congress named Sheehy’s bestseller Passages as one of the ten most influential books of our time, a multiple award winning journalist, it’s a wonder her memoir is captivating, she is simply remarkable.

About Gail SheehyGail-Sheehy-ap
Gail Sheehy is the author of sixteen books, including the classic New York Times bestseller Passages, named one of the ten most influential books of our times by the Library of Congress. A multiple award-winning literary journalist, she was one of the original contributors to New York magazine and has been a contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984. A popular lecturer, Sheehy was named AARP’s Ambassador of Caregiving in 2009. She lives in New York City.

Connect with her through her website, Facebook, and Twitter

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