Mini Reviews: Leaf & Superman and the Miserable, Rotten, No Fun, Really Bad Day

Hello Everybody! Today I have some children’s books I was given for review. Leaf is published by Flying Eye Books (love them!) and out today!  Superman is published by DC Comics and is released next Tuesday the 17th.  Just click the pictures for more information.

imageOne day, a polar bear washes up on the edge of the wild wood. Never seen such an animal, all the other animals of the wild wood run away from him. Eventually, the animals named the polar bear Leaf, because they want him to leave.

Leaf spends his days, alone in his dark cave. The animals are afraid of him and run away when they see him, they don’t talk to him but they talk about him.

Eventually, the other animals of the wildwood learn that Leaf just wants to go home. An icy place which is melting, which is how he ended up drifting so far away and ending up in the wild wood.

This story is incredibly sweet, and a little sad. I thought it was a great little story, filled to the brim with gorgeous pictures, and a story that resonates. Sandra Dieckmann highlights the plight that polar bears a facing today. Due to the changing climate, polar bears are losing their home, and though this tale has a happy ending, there is no happy ending for the Polar Bears in real life. But not only does this book touch upon climate change, but also about refugees.

Leaf didn’t want to leave his home, he had no control over it. But when he entered into the Wildwood, he wasn’t treated kindly. The other animals were scared and didn’t want him there, and they called him names. Leaf’s treatment is reminiscent of the treatment that can be seen in real life.

All in all, Dieckmann’s book is amazing. It’s such a simple and beautiful tale, but yet so impactful. This is a great book for children, but for anyone really.

Rating: 4/5


Superman and the Miserable, Rotten, No Fun, Really Bad Day is a MadTv superhero parody, and let me tell you, this little book is really funny. Honestly, I don’t really have much to say about this book, except that it was super cute and funny, and I really felt bad for him! As somebody who loves to read comics, it was hilarious to see Superman have a bad day. It’s a great story for children and adults too! I mean who wouldn’t want to see big, powerful, Superman just whine and complain, for a couple of pages? I hope MadTv continues to do more of these because this one truly was great.

Rating: 4/5


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