Friday TBR

Hey there! Hi there!

Welcome to Friday TBR! This is where I will tell you all about what I will be reading next week. So without further ado…..

The Scarecrow Man by Jess Jay

Published December 22nd 2020

The world ended. The green covers the country, consuming everything it touches. Shriekers—the carnivorous bodies of those changed after being eaten from the inside out—roam the world, fueled by the sun and nearly impossible to kill.

After a year of not seeing another living soul, Thea thought she was alone in the world.

She was wrong.

New encounters force Thea from her home and down the Highway, on a journey to find a place that shouldn’t exist. The further she travels, the more she realizes that the world isn’t what she thought it was.

Join Thea on her journey in the first of four episodes that comprise The Golden Highway, the first novel in the Shriekers series.

There’s no place that’s home.

I adore anything apocalyptic, so I am so very much looking forward to this one!

What are you reading next week?

Talk to me!

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